Our Call to a Higher Standard

November 2, 2010 at 8:37 am

First off, let me begin by asking your forgiveness.  I have not been above reproach (1 Tim. 3:2), nor have I been a model to follow (1 Cor. 11:1) as I, by God’s grace alone, try and lead this team.  The issue at the heart of this post is sharing digital music.

Sharing music with you as I have been doing it (both through GoogleDocs and by giving you copies of files) is a violation of our CCLI license, the law, and therefore a sin. I am guilty of this sin and have been guilty of this sin countless times in my life.  By His grace and the help of others men in my life God has put it on my heart to confess it to you and repent of it personally.

We, as those who have been bought with a price, are called to a higher standard – lives lived worthy of our calling (Eph. 4:1) to the glory of God.

So, as I walk this out, this will have significant consequences as to how we distribute new music for our purposes of learning new material as a team.  Therefore, we will be walking out this repentance together as a team.

In the future, I will try to get you new music in a number of ways.


1. Grooveshark

I have begun building a catalog of tunes that we use on a regular basis at Oasis in a Grooveshark account.  This website allows you to stream millions of  songs for free through its website.  It’s quite handy, it has a slick and simple user interface, and – it is free!

Login: oasisworship
Password: oasisworship

I see the possibility of being able to link playlists to this blog for each week so that you can log on a stream the week’s music free of charge from any computer with an internet connection.  I do ask that you do not add any songs to our “My Music” section and that you do not upload any copy-written material either.  This is to keep us in line with the law of the land and, most importantly, the law of our God and Savior.

You can use the login above, or create your own account and add “oasisworship” as a friend.

2. Demos

I can also demo newer songs and arrangements on my computer (using GarageBand) and then link the file here.  I am exploring some ways that I can make it easier for me to do that.  This will help us get even more specific with arrangements, chord changes, and lyric changes, that we have a tendency to do.

More on this later.

3. Live recordings

According to our CCLI license, we can record our services and distribute a certain number of copies for use within our church.  We can record the first team to introduce a song, then share it with the other team to learn from.  This involves added equipment and more work for our tech guys, so this is not an immediate addition, but I will explore this option in the near future.

4. Links to purchase

I will also offer links to Amazon and iTunes where you can purchase this music if you with.  I would encourage you to build you library of purchased music to enjoy and to use during times of personal and family worship.  Something about worshiping to pirated music strikes me as offensive to the Savior.


Finally, I would ask that we, as a team, strive to be above reproach in our conduct and how we handle copy written material (mainly music) in the future.  If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I look forward to our continued growth in humility for the glory of God.

Sola Fide.

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